Angling Club

The Angling Club has a 21ft boat called Wearside, moored at Sandringham Yacht Club. Wearside has an inboard motor and half cabin and can have a maximum of five people (four members and the captain). We have two captains and Wearside can be operational on week days as well as the weekend.


Members can make up a party to go out fishing on Port Phillip Bay by reserving the boat on the booking sheet at the Sports Noticeboard in the Club entrance.


Please note that the captain MUST be included as the person licensed to operate the boat.




Chair                 Steve Gillett

Secretary         Josh Marchant

Treasurer         Rob Hamilton

Committee      Rob Hale, Euan Walker, Philip McKenzie,                                                                Elaine Bencraft, Coral Midwinter

Facebook         Hampton RSL Anglers (check for next excursion)