Do you really know what your limit is?

Do you really know what your limit is?

All of our bar staff are trained to recognise when a patron has had too much to drink. But HRSL has gone one step further. We have now installed an on-site breathalyser which gives patrons control over their own blood alcohol content and on those rare occasions, supports bar staff decisions to stop serving alcohol. When customers actually see their blood alcohol concentration (BAC), they are less likely to get into their car and drive.


With so many influencing factors influencing breath alcohol content, the emphasis now is on public breath testing, not on counting your drinks or understanding the confusing standard drinks policy.


The Victorian State limit is now 0.049g/100ml. In excess of this, the penalties are severe. Counting drinks or estimating what a “standard drink” is presents too many inaccuracies. A breath test eliminates any doubt.


Meet our new Breathometer – helping you stay within the legal limits.


Mouth alcohol represents a high reading therefore, the correct operating procedure is to WAIT 10 minutes after the last drink or, at least, rinse your mouth with water to clear your mouth of alcohol content.


The Breathometer is a coin operated machine – $2 per test. The instructions are clearly stated on the machine. To begin the alcohol test, the Breathometer dispenses a cylindrical straw for the user to breathe into so the sensor can calculate alcohol content. The BAC results are provided within 10 seconds.



By installing the Breathometer coin operated breathalyser at the entrance to the Wearside Lounge, we all can take a more active role in promoting responsible drinking and safe driving.


We hope you will take advantage of the new Breathometer and trust, as always, you have a great time at the Hampton RSL and know your own limits before getting behind the wheel after a few drinks.



Elizabeth Briggs
[email protected]
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