Club Championships

Club Championships


Our  2016/2017 Club Championship season is now over.  All events were well contested with most of our bowlers taking part.


We are pleased to announce our winners.  Congratulations to all the bowlers who made it to the semi-finals and finals.


 Irma Harper was successful in winning the Val Mann Ladies Singles Championship for the fifth time.
Glenice McDonald was the runner-up.


In the Walter Bencraft Men’s Championship, John Hubbard achieved his second win of the title,
beating Peter Gillespie, also a former winner.


The Pairs Championship was a battle between Neale Davies and Peter Gillespie and Brendan and Paul Moon,
with Neale and Peter finally achieving this title after a partnership of many years.
Brendan and Paul have won this successively in the last two years.

Braden Johnston, who was runner-up in the Proportional (100 Up) last year is now the proud title holder.
Braden played Annie Westhead in the final.

The Minor Champion for this season is Irma Harper.