Bowling Club News

Annual Presentation Dinner, Friday, 23 June 2017


This was a combined presentation of the Bowling Club and the Snooker and Billiards Club.  Bowling Club presentations were made to:

  • Irma Harper, winner of the Val Mann Ladies Singles Championship and runner-up Glenice McDonald.
  • John Hubbard, winner of the Walter Bencraft Men’s Singles Championship and runner-up Peter Gillespie.
  • Pairs Champions: Neale Davies and Peter Gillespie
  • Minor Champion: Irma Harper, runner up Susi Dusting
  • Proportional Champion: Braden Johnston, runner up Annie Westhead
  • Most Improved Player: Marly Graves
  • Most Valuable Player, Side 1: Gary Nash
  • Most Valuable Player, Side 2: Shayne Oswald
  • Most Valuable Player, Side 3: Neale Davies
  • Lifetime Membership Award: Kevin Kennedy