Bowling Club Events

Our Club provides a wide range of casual and social bowling activities throughout the year for experienced, novice or beginner bowlers.

We also have an annual tournament for experienced bowlers.


Details on these are provided below.


Casual Bowling:  rinks can be hired for casual bowling at a cost of $8.00 per person.  Bowling equipment is provided and experienced bowlers can be available to assist.  Bookings should be made through the RSL office or bar staff.


Barefoot Bowling:  in addition to casual bowling, we run two major barefoot bowling competitions each year – one prior to Christmas which runs for eight weeks and one after the New Year, running for seven weeks.  This is one of the best and most exciting barefoot bowling competitions in the local community and attracts around eighty experienced and casual bowlers in each competition.  You do not need to know how to bowl, we have experienced bowlers available to help you.


Winter Social Bowls: two winter social competitions are on offer during the winter months (May to August; these are held on Tuesday and Saturday.  Both are very popular with our members and bowlers from other Bayside clubs.


John Holmes Fours Memorial Challenge:  This is an annual event generally held in April each year and is a major tournament for our own and visiting bowlers.  This season’s tournament was held on Sunday, 2 April.


We were indebted to Buxton Real Estate of Sandringham who was the major sponsor of this event.


Approximately eighty bowlers took part in this all day event.  Hampton RSL bowlers were heavily featured in the top results.   A total prize pool of $2,000 was distributed across the following winning teams.


First place
Mick Burge Beaumaris Bowling Club
John Taylor Beaumaris Bowling Club
Geoff Robinson Clayton Bowling Club
Ali Forsyth Clayton Bowling Club
Second place
Keith Ronaldson Bentleigh Bowling Club
Janine Davies Hampton RSL Bowling Club
Brendan Moon Hampton RSL Bowling Club
Peter Molloy Hampton RSL Bowling Club
3rd place
Chris Ballard CheltBC
Sean Hanrahan CheltBC
 Mick McCoy CheltBC
Cameron Scott CheltBC
First game winning team
Kevin Kennedy Hampton RSL Bowling Club
Gary Presnell Hampton Bowling Club
Neil Presnell Hampton Bowling Club
Irma Harper Hampton RSL Bowling Club
Second game winning team
Peter Wiznewski Bentleigh Bowling Club
John Hayes Bentleigh Bowling Club
Trevor Hanby Bentleigh Bowling Club
John Rogan Hampton RSL Bowling Club
Third game winning team
Jim  Westhead Hampton RSL Bowling Club
Gary Nash Hampton RSL Bowling Club
Glenn Roulent Hampton RSL Bowling Club
Annie Westhead Hampton RSL Bowling Club