Being a member is a great way to contribute to the role of the RSL in support of Veterans, Service Personnel, their families and your local community.


The opportunity to represent your Sub-Branch and volunteer your services in the community is rewarding. We have opportunities in a variety of areas, so please let us know your areas of interest if you would like to offer some time as a volunteer.


A strong membership base provides us with the means to continue the RSL tradition with reciprocal rights and access to many exciting member benefits at participating licensed Sub-Branches.


  • Enjoy our free Wednesday night and Friday night members draws
  • Discounted food and drink prices
  • Discounted prices on many of our entertainment events
  • Enrol in any of our sporting sections
  • Newsletter mail out



Many people don’t realise that you don’t have to be affiliated with the armed forces to become a member. In fact there are several different membership types, so find out what is right for you.


Service Membership $70

Service members enjoy full benefits of the RSL and are recognised for having served in the armed forces themselves. Service members have the right to vote on important changes or challenges within the Hampton RSL. This membership type is for people who are currently serving or who have served in the armed forces, are looking to enjoy the club’s benefits and have a say in the club’s future, as well as being recognised for their service in the armed forces and access to support and programs offered by RSL Victoria.


Affiliate Membership $70

Affiliate members enjoy the same benefits as service members and are recognised for having a member of their family who has served or is currently serving.  Affiliate membership is also for members currently in the emergency services (Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, and SES). Affiliate members have the right to vote on important changes or challenges that affect the Hampton RSL  This membership type is for people who are looking to enjoy the club’s benefits and want to have their say in the club’s future but have not served in the armed forces themselves.


Social Membership $70

Many of our members are social members who enjoy the benefits of membership such as bar and bistro discounts, the cash draw on members nights, access to our sporting clubs (bowls, snooker, angling, and golf) as well as reciprocal rights and rewards to any other RSL Club in Victoria. The social membership is for people who want to attend and enjoy the benefits of the club, without the need to take any specific active role.


Community Social Club Membership $30

The Hampton RSL welcomes people of all ages and specifically recognises those of young ages, who are affiliated in a community sense with Hampton RSL. This membership is also available for full-time students under 25 who don’t have money to spend on things like club memberships.


SERVICE & AFFILIATE Membership Form Click Here


SOCIAL & COMMUNITY Membership Form Click Here




Membership renewals are due on 1 January each year. A reminder will be sent to all members. Click Here